Storage Insurance, LLC is an online insurance agency that has been operating with great success since 2003. It is a subsidiary of Relocation Insurance Group, LLC (www.RelocationInsurance.com) and a sister company to Moving Insurance, LLC (www.MovingInsurance.com). Moving Insurance, LLC was the first and is the leading online provider of moving insurance policies. With annual policy sales in the thousands, MovingInsurance.com draws tens of thousands of unique users to its website every month. Storage Insurance, LLC builds on Moving Insurance, LLC's tremendous success.

The corporate mission of StorageInsurance, LLC is to position our agency as the premier source of online self storage insurance. We provide self storage customers with cost effective and diverse insurance products while utilizing a convenient and reliable online application. Our goal is to attract and maintain self storage customers, provide self storage facilities and moving companies enhanced insurance services that can be offered to their customers and to market additional insurance products to these entities.

StorageInsurance.com was established to fulfill the growing need of self storage customers to insure their goods while stored in a self storage facility. Currently, limited insurance options are available to self storage customers:

  • Homeowners or Renters Insurance - Homeowners insurance offers some limited coverage for goods stored at a self storage facility and away from the primary residence.
    However, most of these policies cease when the home is sold or do not provide adequate coverage for all possible perils.
  • Self Storage Facilities - Self storage facilities provide either minimal liability coverage, limited coverage up to a certain value or none at all.

In response to the complexities and inadequacies described above, Storage Insurance, LLC has developed an exceptional Self Storage Insurance initiative, which is ideally suited for the self storage industry. Self storage customers can now purchase insurance for stored goods directly through our online process or via the Pay With Rent program, if available by the facility

Additionally, we recognize that knowledgeable and efficient customer service is critical to any entities success. Storage Insurance, LLC will enable its customers to interact with our customer service department, self storage companies and insurance carriers 24 hours a day.

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