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Affiliates' FAQ's

How do we benefit by partnering with is the most innovative online insurance agency which allows consumers to purchase storage insurance. Our affiliates will benefit by providing their customers with an added value. Through our advertising compensation program our affiliates will generate new revenue opportunities. Storage Insurance, LLC maintains a quality control program that provides our affiliates continued risk management and claims support.

What are the requirements to become a partner in Storage Insurance, LLC's network?

The requirements are:

  • Ownership, management or operation of an authorized self storage or mobile storage facility.
  • Maintaining a financially sound and stable entity as qualified by our compliance department.
  • Being a member of a nationally recognized association (Self Storage Association, Mobile Storage Association, Better Business Bureau, etc.).
  • Approval of a completed affiliate application.

How long does it take to become an approved affiliate?

Once we have received the completed application and all necessary supporting documents, Storage Insurance, LLC will conduct the verification process and issue a decision within 5-7 business days.

When can a customer purchase a storage insurance policy?

A customer can purchase storage insurance at any time during the rental period.

What type of insurance is provided via Storage Insurance, LLC?

Storage Insurance, LLC provides the consumer with a Named Peril insurance policy.

Who are the insurance companies participating in Storage Insurance, LLC's network?

Storage Insurance, LLC is underwritten by the nation’s top insurance carriers. These companies have been qualified by Storage Insurance, LLC to ensure that their rates, policies and claims settlement procedures suit the needs of our affiliates and their customers.

What is the cost to join Storage Insurance, LLC's network?

There is no cost to join Storage Insurance, LLC's network.

Who handles claims submitted by our customers?

All claims will be handled by our in-house claims department and will be monitored by our Risk Management Department to ensure timely and appropriate claims handling procedures.

Are we involved in any way during the claims process?

No. All claims are handled by our claims department. We will contact you if any documentation is needed.

How does the customer purchase storage insurance?

Purchasing insurance can be handled in two ways. The customer can purchase storage insurance directly through our website or it can be purchased through the facility’s ‘Pay With Rent’ program.